Let Your Mind Take You

"Writing is easy. All you have to do is cross out the wrong words."
It seems simple, but sometimes it’s not always the case. But here are some tips that help me!

When writing anything, whatever topic it may be, just try to get everything you can think of that relates to this one topic out on paper. Just let your mind take you. Take a break! Come back another day, and start writing everything that comes to mind that day about the topic. Do this a few times. Now, sit and reread everything you just wrote. It probably will not make any sense, but that is ok! It isn’t supposed to be perfect the first time. This is where you revise! Delete all the wrong words, add all the right words. Delete phrases, and rearrange phrases. You will eventually get to where you need to be.

Writing is letting your mind take your ideas and getting them on paper. Revising is turning those ideas into a masterpiece.

  • Here in the Artifice, its preferred to address the author in the third person (The author has some tips regarding writing). Also, this topic seems more in line with a blog rather than as a topic, in my opinion. If it has examples to show how good writing was the product of discipline, perseverance, and patience, then it could be acceptable as a topic. – shehrozeameen 6 years ago
  • Thanks, but no, thanks! – T. Palomino 11 months ago

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