Let's Plays and New Forms of Comedy

Let’s Players are now a mainstream part of the internet. Many of YouTube’s biggest names are Let’s Players. However, very often those on the outside of the Let’s Play fandom asks "Why would you want to watch some idiot playing video games all day?"

Perhaps as a new form of stand-up comedy. This topic will explore connections between stand-up comedy and popular YouTubers.

  • Personally I only usually watch lets plays as done by personalities I've already subscribed to. Sometimes I watch alternative people play simply because I want to know what a game (that's currently blowing up on the internet) is actually like while not being able to buy it myself. This article could take two routes: a relief for those not willing to buy a game and still be informed, or people looking for connection in reactions for what they've experienced. – Slaidey 6 years ago
  • My main concern to this topic is how many readers of The Artifice actually know this "Let's Plays" thingy. I watch a lot of gameplays on YouTube and have never heard of this being a thing. – James Zhan 6 years ago
  • I think plenty of readers will know what a "Let's Play" is but Zahn raises a point that should be kept in mind for whoever does write this article. That is, a definition and possible examples will be needed to ensure that the reader is able to understand what is being discussed. – Matt Sautman 6 years ago
  • Let's Plays have become such a large community on Youtube that I would argue that there are subgroups. Think of the groups dedicated to certain games (Minecraft, The Sims, etc.), or groups part of larger "networks" (Rooster Teeth, for example). What differentiates different types of Let's Players and how might it affect their style of comedy? – SarahKnauf 6 years ago

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