Live-streaming Video Games

Pewdiepie has become one of the most prominent live-streaming gamers on the internet amassing a large audience and even significant funding. This live-streaming of gaming has grown massively–recently YouTube created their own category for video games. Websites like Twitch.tv, Hitbox.tv, Ustream.tv, etc are entities catering to this growing form. Pewdiepie and others are creating names for themselves and even supporting themselves as a live-streamer. What entails the life of a live-streamer? The hours? The games? The audience? And how is this field expanding?

  • Nice topic! You could also include a discussion of the many streamers that never become as popular as Pewdiepie and others on his "level" (if you'll pardon the pun); what makes a streamer popular and why do some catch on when others don't? – Caliburnus 7 years ago
  • True! A lot of us have viewed live streaming games, but what is it like as an actual player of say, Twitch? I'm really intrigued by this. – James Smith 7 years ago
  • Adding on to what Caliburnus said, you could also incorporate the growing presence of female streamers who wear revealing clothing to increase their subscribers/followers. Some people argue that some of these women are not skilled gamers and are ruining the 'family friendly' aspect of Twitch.tv. Personally, while I'm not a streamer, I do make gaming videos for YouTube in my spare time and I can say that both are very time and money intensive processes, especially if you are just starting out. At the minimum you need one powerful PC enough to run games (most successful streamers use two simultaneously, 1 dedicated stream PC / 1 dedicated gaming PC), internet fast enough to upload your game and face camera, and enough time to edit or provide entertaining content for people. – marknm 7 years ago
  • This is such a prominent area of inquiry, I'd be really stoked to see what you can make of it. Food for thought: Pewdiepie, as far as I know, gained his initial following through YouTube, and this audience followed him to his streams. In fact, most of the streamers I watch have similar stories. I wonder how it could be different for someone to start from nothing on Twitch or a similar network, and build up their following exclusively from there. – jriffle 7 years ago
  • Interesting topic! May want to include things such as what entails growing your own audience, how to keep your audience, regular streaming schedules, the issue of "burning yourself out" if you live-stream for a living, etc. – Valios 7 years ago

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