Living in an Age of Nostalgia

Analyse the trends and patterns of selling and marketing ‘nostalgic’ properties to the public. Is it an issue? Is it replacing the creation of new art, or is it simply a matter of adults celebrating the things they loved as children. Consider movie and television reboots and spin-offs.

  • Definitely a topic that never goes out of style. I saw a news report years ago about the 1950s music and fashion frenzy among teenage Japanese fans. There was a documentary not long after the Communist collapse in Russia where ardent followers of American Rock classics resurfaced onto the public domain after decades of underground existence. Need only point to the Star Trek phenomena that has ballooned into paraphernalia, conferences, movies, books, sequels, so on. There is much you can do with this subject. – lofreire 5 years ago
  • Obsolesce, "slow" movements, craft culture, and many hipster aesthetics and ideologies -- add, and it's an interesting topic. A reaction to contemporary culture. The reboot phenomenon in the movie industry, in particular, seems less complicated and worthwhile. As does a question of "art." – Paul A. Crutcher 5 years ago
  • It would be worthwhile to consider Star Trek, Limitless, Psycho and even, Baywatch. Are we running out of new original content? – Vishnu Unnithan 5 years ago
  • First need is to clearly define the term or it becomes unmanageable. What is included? What is just an older look (a building, a community, a section in an antique mall that seems to reflect a previous time)? – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago

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