Make Up - A Form of Art or a way to Escape Judgment From Society?

Girls from all around the world having been playing dress up since they were a little girls. Make up has played a huge role in women’s lives to express themselves. Is this self expression viewed as a form of art or a way to hide flaws? One could argue women are faking the way they truly look when, in reality, it is another form of art that can be studied.

  • Well, using makeup to enhance physical attraction and seeing makeup as art are two very different topics. You could look at it psychologically, as a form of behavior to be studied, because it's not a question when it comes to art; Makeup can be and is art. https://www.facebook.com/sosenka.official This is a link to the artist Sosenka, who is also a female and uses makeup for her profession. – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • You could probably also incorporate body painting/body art into this conversation about makeup as art. Both forms are using the body as a canvas. – Marcie Waters 7 years ago
  • from my point of view, ladies want to hide flaws and look more attractive for men. women like to be the center of attention especially for men. they learn make up art not because it is a art, because they can use it for their aims. human beings are crazy about beauty and integrity. most of the people do not see beauty in deep skin so ladies have found a solution for this weak point. – Elahe Almasi 7 years ago
  • If you're going to look at it from a psychological perspective, one thing to consider would be "how does using makeup at a young age affect a little girl mentally"? Girls are pressured from a young age to be and look perfect, and it's only human nature to judge each other based on looks. Another aspect to think about would be "how does everyone else's perspective on makeup affect the little girl"? What would the societal pressures on her be? What about the opinions of her sisters and/or her mother (hypothetically speaking)? What is the media saying? There are many factors which can be considered when it comes to such a subject. And then there are the girls who do see makeup as a creative expression, an art form. How does society treat them? Are they denoted for their use of makeup? Are they celebrated for their creativity? How do they differ from the girls using CoverGirl to cover up "flaws"? The creative girls are naturally more outgoing because they have the confidence to wear bold colors. While the girls covering up their so-called "imperfections" are naturally more inwardly drawn. Is this the fault of the makeup? Or just the way they are as people? Finally, why do girls think they are "flawed" in the first place? That would be the root of the problem, which, of course, could loop back to societal pressures and predetermined standards set upon women in the first place. Just a thought; I hope it helps! – Megan Finsel 7 years ago
  • For the author of this article, be sure to read this, another article about makeup on The Artifice, and make sure there's not too much overlap: https://the-artifice.com/the-feminist-makeup-culture-reconsidering-cosmetics/ – MichelleAjodah 7 years ago

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