Marvel and its glorification of the overly righteous, patriotic superhero

This is something that has bothered me, especially as I am Indian and have noticed this a lot in our cinema. I feel that this contributes towards a culture of little to no character development of the protagonists (even though there is some in the Avengers series) but it feels forced and the bad character sketches of the antagonists make me wonder whether storytelling has taken a backseat in this series? What are your thoughts?

  • Marvel is definitely a great example of blind patriotism, I would dig a little deeper about the systemic cause of it and what exactly bothers you about it. It feels forced because in a way it is. The narrative of the Avengers is that the world depends on America to save it and America may make mistakes but it can never be truly wrong. They had a whole deep state plot and yet America is still portrayed in a good light. – SunnyAgo 1 month ago

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