Marvel Cinematic Universe - Phase 1, 2 and (soon to be) 3

The Marvel Cinematic Universe had a great year!
With phase one and two being over, (phase two ended with Ant-Man) and phase three coming up sooner rather than later with Civil War, I really want to focus on a "What’s to come" sort of aspect of the phases when it comes to phase three.

Phase one was just the beginning and it started the phase’s out pretty decently. You can focus on the aspect of talking about how well those films did for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 2008-2012 was a time where the MCU was just starting out with the graphic choices and getting into the deeper realms of how they were going to depict these Avengers characters on the screen.

Then you can talk about phase two with the same topic as well, and talking about how they’ve progressed as films and characters from phase one. Which, I feel is an important aspect, from the changes of directors to different choices made by those directors and even to Marvel being partnered with Disney as well, which happened in 2009.

Then you can even focus on what’s to come. Civil War is supposed to be the film of all films, it supposed to start phase three off really well. And from what the trailer shows and what we all know about it, it really is supposed to be great.

You can also talk about how phase two ended with Ant-Man, do you as a comic reader/MCU film watcher feel it was right to end with Ant-Man, was that a good ending spot for the phase to end with? And upcoming films such as; Doctor Strange, Guardians 2, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man and the Wasp, Avengers: Infinity War, Inhumans, Captain Marvel, Black Panther and Another Spider-Man. What creative choices can be made with these now that we’ve had two completed phases and kind of a reaction to those; but also, what can be done to keep the attention of watchers of the MCU and etc.,

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