Mental Health/ADHD and College Students

I guess this would be more in the writing area but I think nowadays with mental health and adults being diagnosed with adhd and struggle in school , there should be more supports in place for those who struggle. Having extra time on tests and exams and extra time with getting work and assignments in is alright but there’s needs to be more in the classroom with regards to help with what is being taught. We all learn differently which is why someone with adhd/mental health needs extra support as they may not understand what is being taught to them. I always think that modified work loads and tests and exams should be given to those who need it . Basically same material just broke down more so they can understand it instead of adding the stress of trying to get by with little or no help and end up failing or having to repeat courses or worse drop out . A lot of people with this issue are afraid to go back to school because they know that there are no supports to help them . I think it’s something that those who are going through this should fight for! I have high beliefs In This !

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