Merit Over Age

I have been thinking about giving a speech about this topic since freshman year of college. My two friends auditioned to be a musical but didn’t get in because they were too young. Only Seniors got the parts over underclassman. Yes, I believe that they have been in the program the longest but opening up auditions for all grades and only choosing Seniors can be a slap in the face. In our today’s society, we assume that the oldest is the always the wisest, but that is not always the answer. I have many friends who exceed all expectations in their field than the upper classman. I believe that when applying for a job, the interviewers should focus on what the person has done and knowledge that they have instead of their age. Unless there is an age requirement, hard work and knowledge should come before how old you are.

  • This could be an interesting topic to explore. Starting out is always the hardest especially when you're young and inexperienced (as most writers start out). I would be curious if you could narrow your focus to a particular field such as writing or acting. Personally I would love to discover more about the writing aspect of this question like how your age affects your likelihood of getting published and what bars green writers from getting experience. – ReidaBookman 5 years ago

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