Modern day films and their rating.

An analysis of movie ratings today versus when they were first incorporated. A movie like "Red Dawn" received the first ever PG-13 rating. Movies today, it seems the content from PG-13 to R is not a huge leap of difference. Does the rating system, today, serve the same purpose it did decades ago? Does it limit production studios when they have to decide whether it is a PG-13 film or R, or is it an economic move? Do you believe films, such as Suicide Squad, will tone down its potential so it can receive a PG-13 rating, thus appealing to a larger audience?

  • Also, who decides what constitutes different rating levels? What influences the MPAA? Why are some things an instant R rating in America, while in Europe it's not as much of a big deal? – sk8knight 6 years ago
  • I would love to see a proposed alternative to the ratings system which is corrupt and highly subjective. – jackanapes 5 years ago

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