Modern literature: the video game plot

Looking at many modern top-selling video games the focus on plot development is a key selling feature. An analysis on different genres of video games should be taken into consideration. Do many gamers, both casual and dedicated, rely on plot when choosing their games; does it effect the industry to base the game on plot and do they help us learn things more effectively than reading?

  • Video games/cyber games seem to offer a future literary path. There is something literary to them. I think it is the future. – Jeffery Moser 6 years ago
  • Looking into the ludology versus narratology debate could be helpful for this article, particularly in answering the question of whether gamers rely on plot when choosing what to play. – Prongsley 6 years ago
  • There's a whole other level to story telling in games that books don't allow for. While readers can get invested in the plot and characters of a novel, video games allow for the player to take control of the story. At best, books will grip you and have you speculating what might happen next, while games allow the player to decide what to do, and experience the consequences of the chosen action. While I don't think that games will replace books or that either medium if better than the other, I think the individual experiences of reading and gaming are what make them unique and enjoyable and need to be considered when you compare the two. – tbarker 6 years ago

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