Most effective Robin From Dick Grayson to Damien Wayne

Which Robin, from Dick Grayson to Damien Wayne, contributed more, appeared more, had more impact both in the story and to audiences? Which Robin is more well liked? Which one is more skilled, makes a better hero in his own right?

  • This looks like it could be an interesting article. Curious as to how you intend to rate popularity though--are you going to look at actual polling numbers from somewhere? – Winter 7 years ago
  • It would be interesting to incorporate how the characters in the stories actually feel regarding this. For example: There is something Batman says from Batman: Hush, I can't find the exact quote. But basically, Batman says that Dick Grayson was destined for greater things and to be his own man, and that's probably why he outgrew Robin (and became badass Nightwing). He said that Jason was too tormented and conflicted and that's probably why he didn't work out as Robin. But he says Tim Drake has been great as Robin. He's a brilliant mind and a self-taught detective (he managed to deduce who Batman and the original Robin really are). He seems to have stuck to the role much more - and to greater success - than any other (even in later incarnations where he's "Red Robin"). – BradShankar 7 years ago
  • That's a good point, so then one could argue Tim Drake is a etter Robin, at least to Batman, but what of Damien Wayne? And if we look at the Batman multiverse where the canon and continuity can be shaky depending what comic direction we go, what's the more widely held opinion? – SpectreWriter 7 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic, but ultimately probably a moot point? The answer would quite simply be that there is no right answer. Dick Grayson was Robin the longest, but his tenure was before the Final Crises, so he's limited by his time period. Jason Todd quite frankly got the shaft, as DC's killing of him in Death in the Family really wasn't justified. But he was and still is an interesting character nonetheless (when written well that is). Tim Drake is more modern, and held the role for a decent number of years, not to mention did a good job in the role. But even he didn't hold the title as long as Dick did. Damian Wayne of course hasn't been Robin for that long either, so it's impossible to tell how he will develop and where his tenure will go. An interesting topic, but I'm not really sure what it can accomplish when the answer is going to be completely subjective? – MIKAILARUSHING 7 years ago

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