Music and Television

There have been very few successful musical television shows (Glee, Smash). The reality based music shows fair better than the fiction. Why do musical television shows seem to fail when we are such a music addicted culture? What makes the successful ones work?

  • This may also be complicated in a really interesting way by Empire, which has seen its ratings increase and its critical acclaim/awards buzz on a weekly basis. Both Glee and Smash started off with a relative degree of success as well, before their messages and reception took a turn for the worst. It could be interesting to consider what that may mean for Empire's future, especially given the show's "soapier" tone. – kdaley 7 years ago
  • Their is also the musical comedy Galavant. It had relative success when it came out and so far has only had one season, but it is putting comedy in a genre that it isn't generally present in on TV. – Tyler McPherson 7 years ago

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