Music and the Mind

Discuss the power of music over the mind. How can music consume an experience or create emotions from the past? Are we all connected by underlying experiences that the artists capitalize on or do certain songs or tunes stick with some people more than others?

  • Good topic. I have read studies about how metal music actually makes metal heads happier because all their distress is processed by the aggressive music. As a metal head myself, I can attest to that. Music is also closely connected with memory. It can provoke memories from the time you listened to a song or some songs very frequently. – JamesZhan9592 6 years ago
  • It's very important for a topic like this to look at cultural differences in music and response to music as a scope through which to examine how humans are conditioned to types of music and emotional responses to music through their upbringing and the music they are exposed to. The fundamental building blocks of music - chord structures, scales, pitch difference between notes, etc - are all cultural concepts slowly built over a long history and cemented through repetition. Different cultures developed with different concepts of music in those areas. Does music inherently hold that power over the mind, or is the response to music a buildup over time of certain synaptic responses to sound conceptions that are familiar or make sense to our conditioned perception? – Lusk22 6 years ago
  • You could look at musicals as a genre. – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • To narrow it down the topic could discuss the way music is used in movies. This could highlight the significance of music in e.g. Horror movies who are enhance the feeling of unease with music, essentially playing a trick on the mind of the audience. – Laura Jungblut 6 years ago

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