Music video films

When music videos were introduced, they were merely another form of consuming songs. Music is capable of telling a story just as a film can, and both media involve time (a linear progression from beginning to end) as central to their stories. Artists like Daft Punk and Fall Out Boy, however, have demonstrated the coalescence of music and video to an extreme conclusion. Songs do not have to follow a specific concept or recurring cast of characters-like a concept album would-but the two groups’ music videos demonstrate the power to have all the songs on an album tell a story. Those self-contained story parts within music videos can then be released as a single feature-length film.

Analyse the function of the music video as a storytelling medium, using Daft Punk’s ‘Interstella 5555’ (based on the album ‘Discovery’) and Fall Out Boy’s ‘The Youngblood Chronicles’ (based on ‘Save Rock and Roll’), along with any other examples of films constructed from individual music videos you might be able to think of.

  • You could also look at Kpop videos like 1NB's "Stalker," where the song doesn't even start until halfway through the video. – OkaNaimo0819 2 years ago

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