My Hero Academia: Growth of the New Shonen Anime

The anime My Hero Academia is a new popular anime and manga series. It seems to have a feel nostalgia from previous anime, starting out like how Naruto did in 1999 with a classroom setting and a main character setting out to become the best. The anime is now on a pause until April 2018, because a better story is better than unruly fillers.

  • Perhaps in light of previous revisions, when thinking about what a prompt could be, consider exploring things like Shonen Jump's "Big Three" (Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece). Perhaps develop a thesis about how, with the waning of these anime titans, My Hero Academia is beginning a new era of Shonen anime that could eventually come to succeed the previous Big Three. I myself have considered the parallels between Naruto and My Hero (they start off lighthearted, but get darker around the second arc, Izuku and Naruto have similar personalities, etc.), so I find this topic interesting! – ees 5 years ago
  • You ask why the "schooling" of students is common in anime? Is it an easier story telling method? Does teaching the students in school about the larger world depicted in the anime a convenient way to also "teach" the audience about that world? Is the classroom setting needed? – Jiraiyan 4 years ago

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