Nerd Culture is Mainstream Culture

Ed Brubaker said, "If you look at the generation now in power in the entertainment industry, they grew up with comics as serious stuff. The Geeks have won." Discuss how elements of nerd culture have become part of every day life. Technology, media, the vanishing stigma of coding. Comic books and the rise of alternative fiction. Have the Geeks won?

  • I think this would be a fun discussion to have. I think unfortunately it is never this cut and dry, those leading the entertainment industry (when looking at financial power) are not the geeks. However, with concepts such as BitCoin becoming viable, the financial viability of the gaming industry, and the franchising of Marvel, all do suggest that perhaps an argument could be made. However, part of this needs to also be, as your heading suggests, a definition of geek and nerd culture that was previously alternative culture and if these are still viable subcultures or merely part of mainstream culture. So perhaps the double edged sword of the rise and fall of geek culture? – SaraiMW 4 years ago
  • great topic! – Amitis 4 years ago
  • In tandem with the first comment, I think the 'why' of this topic needs to be explored carefully. Beyond the fact that people who have grown up reading comics are now in charge, what other conditions have made Nerd Culture possible? – jallegro 4 years ago

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