New 1980s Throwback Films

Like ‘The Guest’ and ‘Drive’. We’ve been seeing this genre more and more the recent years, particularly after the success of ‘Drive’.

  • You have a good point, we have been seeing more throwback films and it's a relief. – Hailtothechimp 7 years ago
  • An perspective point could be since we are reaching a new generation with throw-back films are we instilling the same cultural lessons or does the new generation make enchantments to bettering our cultural beliefs. – Venus Echos 7 years ago
  • How about Ghostbusters? Also, not a film, but Jem and the Holograms just got rebooted as a comics series. – Kristian Wilson 7 years ago
  • Indiana Jones seems more and more likely to be rebooted, also. While Drive is very much a throwback, should studios be more focused on making movies that throwback and touch on the 80s or should they just outright reboot them like they are with Ghostbusters and Indy? – Giovanni Insignares 7 years ago

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