New Game Ideas. The Thing Gamers Thought They Wanted?

Gamers each and every year play their favorite games day in and day out, but when they start to get bored they then suggest new ideas to the developers for years, until one day they get the changes they’ve been awaiting, then they realize they don’t actually like it.

Things like this have been apparent in video games since the early days of gaming. One example is with the Call of Duty franchise. Gamers that have been playing since Call of Duty 4 have had the same boots on the ground style gameplay that they have been a custom to for years, until around the time of Black Ops 2 when the gamers of that community cried for a new innovative game style that would reignite their passion for the game series and bring about a whole new audience. Later Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare came out in late 2014, which the players of the franchise thought it was the best thing to happen to the franchise in a long time, only to later realize it wasn’t what they wanted after all.

  • This is a really interesting topic, as the relationship between gamer and developer has gotten really interesting in that last couple of years. Sometimes what people want, isn't exactly what would make the quality product. Sometimes fans just have to trust the developer's vision, but there are times when that has gone wrong. So definitely explore some of those things – cbo1094 7 years ago

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