Nostalgia and Disney

I think it is always interesting when discussing what people’s favourite Disney movies are. Can someone see the film for what it actually is or are they just blinded by childhood nostalgia. Are people actually willing to discuss the negative aspects of their favourite childhood Disney film or will they hide behind nostalgia glasses.

  • This idea can definitely be applied to so many non-Disney movies, but I really like this topic. I think the first movies we watch - just like the first video games we play or the first books we read - will always have some sort of special quality that makes us want to defend them against all criticism. I think that's the reason why we still have discussions on whether older Disney princesses are pro-feminism, for example, with people on both sides of the fence. For this discussion, you'd definitely need to mention some of the negative aspects of these Disney films (i.e. Sleeping Beauty having almost zero autonomy and sleeping through the majority of her own movie, and the romanticization of Belle's relationship with the aggressive Beast who essentially locks her away from society) - and perhaps do an analysis of some of the arguments in defence of these problematic things. – Karen 5 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic. I definitely think childhood nostalgia adds bias to picking which Disney movie is favourite, but I think a lot of other things factor in such as the music and the plot. Sometimes one has a childhood favourite and a more recent favourite Disney movie. I think for sure it would be difficult to discuss what the negative aspects since it may have been a childhood favourite. – birdienumnum17 5 years ago
  • There are many issues in the old classic Disney movies that address the concerns of society as they were then. We retrospectively looking at these movies and the messages they were sending, we cannot retrospectively apply post 2010 issues into 1950's - 1990's society. One must take the time to understand the problems and concerns of the time and the country in which they were made. For example, 1980 Australia was very different from 1980 Northern Ireland and England. While nostalgia does play a big part, to address the question of what we don't like about the movies, we need apply context to the message they were sending for the time they were in. – mattcarlin 5 years ago

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