Now You Has Jazz

An examination of the musical movement of jazz as it was depicted on film, ranging from "The Jazz Singer" (1927) to "High Society" (1956) and "Bird" (1988). This could also encompass what jazz music can add to otherwise non-musical films — the Duke Ellington score for "Anatomy of a Murder" might be the best example of this.

  • I think this would be an excellent topic especially if you talked about film scores. It may be too broad to just attack in one article as is but there is definitely enough material in here for at least 2-3 different articles. – DClarke 7 years ago
  • Another film that could be looked at is Chico and Rita. An animation romance from Cuba. It is for the most part set during Castro's dictatorship and the jazz music in the film represents a revolutionary aspect. Jazz is that sort of revolutionary, anti-capitalist, non-conformist type of music and it was also popular during the blaxploitation film movement in the early 70s. – Jamie 7 years ago

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