On Demand TV and the loss of delayed gratification

On demand streaming services are fast becoming popular platforms for watching films and TV. They have also changed *how* we watch, in particular how we watch TV series.

Often referred to as binge-watching, people are able to watch an entire season or series in one session if they so choose. This is great in some ways (for example shows like Arrested Development and Master of None are created with a greater flow from one episode to the next, allowing for more time spent on creativity and less time on recaps), yet perhaps not so good in others.

Viewers lose that excited expectation of seeing their favourite show over a number of weeks, TV becomes less of a social event between friends and colleagues watching the same show at the same time and more of a solitary activity, and as binge-watching suggests it can be hard to know when to stop, and too much TV watching is associated with health problems.

An article could take a nostalgic look back to pre-streaming television, overall weighing up the pros and cons between both, without writing off non-streaming TV due to the more obvious convenience benefits of streaming. In short, as with anything else delayed gratification can be good for us!

  • This is a good topic; I think there is some great content here. The only comment I have, though, is that the third sentence is one long run-on sentence. This can be revised into three separate ideas. Doing so would make the post grammatically stronger. Otherwise, good job! – Megan Finsel 8 years ago
  • This is interesting and I would like to see an article about this. Hopefully such a piece would also take into consideration that binge watching/on-demand can still be very social. I have friends who will tweet or facebook message each other while watching the latest season of House of Cards or even host 13 hour long (or sometimes multi-day) viewing parties for an entire season Orange is the New Black. – NateBlake 8 years ago

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