Persona 5: Forcing a 'Change of Heart' for the cost of 'Free Will'

Persona 5 takes realistic antagonists and uses an unorthodox means to force them…to change them. Heck, early in the game, it was said that this method risks killing the antagonist.

It is a topic that isn’t questioned too much deep in game and I thought it would be nice to get that discussion going. Do note the game just came out so the discussion of Persona 5 is limited if anyone wants to add spoilers…which I do think it isn’t necessary. In addition, I feel like this discussion could extend any other actions which ultimately is a means to ‘force change’.

The general reason the Phantom Thieves are generally accepted as a force of good is because they are mainly fighting back abusers. I would also mention Death Note and how it also had a similar tale of Light, his sense of Justice and his god complex. A bad end in Persona 5 suggests a similar god complex as well.

  • There's a lot going on here, I'd simplify the actual prompt (is it whether or not such an act is moral? justified?) and probably take out the Death Note comparison unless it's the major focus of the entire topic ("Compare Persona 5 and Death Note"); otherwise, it just feels like a semi-unrelated side note. – m-cubed 5 years ago
  • I feel like such a topic can lead into 'whether forceful acts are moral' using Persona 5 and Death Note (and other stories) an overarching theme for discussion. – plumbunnies 5 years ago

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