Philosophy Concepts in Movies

There are many movies which include philosophical theories or concepts in movies. Can you think of any? Philosophical concepts in movies allow individuals to think critically.

  • I feel like it may be beneficial to do one movie and examine its philosophical contents or pick a single philosophy and choose a handful of movies to explore. Otherwise, the topic may become too much to cover in one article. – Emily Deibler 3 years ago
  • Can you pick a philosophy such as at the recent attempts to promote gender equality or discuss diversity? Also you could pick Jordan Peele's racial horror movies. Some other philosophies could be differences in generations. – Munjeera 3 years ago
  • Agreed about the vagueness, but I like where this is headed. Two suggestions: An article examining several films about one philosophical topic such as existentialism. Or a discussion of the multiple philosophical themes in a specific franchise or set of films, for example, The Philosophical Lessons of Spiderman. – proflong 3 years ago
  • Another idea could be choosing a certain movie made several decades ago and analyzing the impact of its philosophy (whether that's about class, gender, the meaning of life, etc.) in its original day vs. how people are impacted by it now. – rachelwitzig 3 years ago
  • To add my voice to some others: this is a very important topic, but as it stands simply too broad. The topic could be tightened by focusing on a specific philosophical question, a specific genre of film, and a specific time frame. Remember that whole careers are built on studying one slice of this problem (e.g., Marxist philosophical thought in Russian science fiction in the 1960s-70s). – Derek 3 years ago
  • Parasite would be a great example here. – Munjeera 3 years ago
  • There are a number of essays currently on The Artifice that address philosophy as part of a movie or TV show, how can this essay be approached differently? – Joseph Cernik 2 years ago

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