Philosophy in Anime

Attack on Titan seems to be heavily influenced by German culture and philosophy. Are there any real correlations to this? Do any other anime shows portray philosophical theories and are they doing it as a service or a disservice?

  • I am not a very big anime fan, but Neon Genesis Evangelion has definitely been influenced by philosophical theories, especially by Kierkegaard. It was also an outlet for the psychological battles of creator Hideaki Anno. – tanaod 5 years ago
  • great topic! while it may be difficult to actually statistically correlate these occurrences, i think it's certainly true that many anime display influences from certain philosophical theories or debates. Naruto, for example, mirrors the tensions in philosophical discourse of the search for a true "Universal," which you can see displayed in the ethos of certain characters and their goals. – ees 5 years ago
  • Well, there's a lot of interplay between anime and philosophy. Fullmetal Alchemist deals with Plato's Allegory of The Cave , while Attack on Titan deals with Scmitt's The Political.Naruto definitely has elements of Buddhist thought. – RedFlame2000 4 years ago

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