Pixar: How to create characters with believable emotions

Analyze some of the most famous pixar movies such as Up!, Monsters Inc, and the Toy Story series. Discuss how these character portray deep and accurate emotions through their facial expressions and mannerisms created by the animators

  • study and analyze how the more famous Pixar characters were made and what makes them so believable – Sabrina 9 years ago
  • watch some pixar movies and analyze how their characters may seem to have believable emotions – Shanice 9 years ago
  • Pixar spends a great deal of time analyzing real world elements in order to perfect them for their movies. It would definitely be a good idea to dig up what you can on their process. – G Anderson Lake 9 years ago
  • Maybe someone has already suggested this but a new Pixar film entitled "Inside Out" by Pete Docter and that actually has the emotions as the characters of the film, I think it would be perfect for your article. Each character has a distinct body language, mannerism and design to convey what emotion they are. Might be worth checking out – Nathan 9 years ago
  • Pixar's use of music is particularly good at reflecting emotions on screen. I am thinking specifically of Up and that monatge sequence at the beginning of the film with Carl and Ellie. The music perfectly reflects the varying levels of happiness, love, sadness, loss, grief and so many more emotions. But the music in other Pixar films like Toy Story1-3, Wall-e etc. all do this too. – Jamie 9 years ago
  • Advancement of technology is the answer. – T. Palomino 2 years ago

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