Political Campaigns in the Digital Age: The Evolution and Impact of Online Political Campaign Videos

Since the release of the "smart phone" in 2007, politicians have had to learn to utilize social media to reach their constituents. As such, campaign videos are now uploaded onto social media sites with the hopes that they will "go viral" and drum up support for that candidate or party. What has been (or will be) the impact of this new form of media for political campaigns today? Is that impact discernible yet or is it too soon to tell? Analyze the relationship between online campaign videos and political campaigns.

  • I can vouch that a LOT of my friends post MULTIPLE campaign videos or campaign type articles multiple times of day on fb. I don't know how to quantify their impact, but I can't imagine its insignificant. – Tatijana 7 years ago
  • I would suggest exploring the 2012 presidential election as the most recent completed presidential election with lots of information on demographics and how social media impacted those demographics. – Cmandra 7 years ago

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