Political structure of Westeros

The quest for the Iron Throne is what has brought Westeros into its current mess. What needs to be done in order to bring unity back into Westeros, politically? What about the current governmental structure isn’t working? Does there need to be a shift in how Westeros is governed? How did it all work before? Based on how the TV show is going, what type of government is needed and what kind of leader? And who best fits that mold? I always thought it might be better if Westeros was divided and governed by their respective divisions. Ex: The North would be a sovereign nation and governed by the head house of the North, and so on. But would this sort of system work? Could it work, and how so?

  • Wow! This is a really interesting topic and you discuss such intriguing topics pertaining to politics and social mores. Yet, how does one expect Westeros to become a politically viable governmental structure when you have mad tyrants trying to capture the throne? Also, look at the "time" in which this series takes place. Though we do not have an actual timeline, as this is a fantastical book/show series, we can infer that this time period was not one where democracy or the acts of politically correct modes of government would be of utmost importance. The only true hope of having a possible fair ruler was Ned Stark...and I think we all know how that turned out. This is an interesting question because as the series continues, and everyone is battling and killing for the throne, one must wonder, what will happen once the throne is actually one? Will peace be restored and all seven kingdoms abide by the "rightful ruler?" – danielle577 7 years ago
  • This is a really interesting topic, especially with Dany actually moving into Westeros now. I think this would definitely be interesting if you discuss the theocracy, and the growing power of the Sept (what's going to be done about that?). Especially, with the idea of the people gaining their power, and how in essence, a very small group of people rule over a very large group of people (who have been war torn and are probably fed up). I think the question comes down to: how would the divisions interact? How would they deal with say, the displacement of people in Riverrun? What about people who don't have such large natural resources (The North/The Ironborn). – ninamicanovic 7 years ago
  • I think there needs to be a definite distinction made between the show and the book here, since the two have diverged significantly. There is an entire history of government in Westeros (and some in Essos), but a lot of what is book canon isn't show canon, so anyone who wants to write this would likely have to just focus on the show or the books I think – Darcy Griffin 7 years ago

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