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Politically-Charged Literature

What is the best examples of literature that awakens readers’ minds to political consciousness on past and/or present events?

  • There's plenty of examples for this. It might be a better idea to focus this on a specific political idea, or a current event/issue. – Daniel Hein 7 years ago
  • I think you couls also add a time period or country. I am thinking how the whigs produced some interesting authors but the were a specifically British 18th century party. So this topic could be very broad depending on where and when it is focused on – DClarke 7 years ago
  • Good topic and one of the best ideas to point to is Hunger Games. That's very political in nature and undertones. And if you want to take liberties, you can talk about the Ministry and their treatment of the main character in Harry Potter. – SpectreWriter 7 years ago
  • This could go in so many directions. You could argue that most novels are political in some way (whether this be implicit or explicit). Perhaps narrowing it down to a specific time-frame would be more manageable? – Luke Stephenson 7 years ago
  • This topic could not be serious! Political awareness has been one of the main objectives of literature since the beginning of time. What examples are you asking for? – T. Palomino 2 months ago

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