Composers and Major Historical Events

Artists of any sort often have major stylistic changes to go along with catastrophic life events. For example, after the Second World War, many new art movements occurred as a reaction (such as minimalism and abstract expressionism). Choose a composer/musician who had a major stylistic change due to a major event (such as a war, an illness, etc.). Why did the changes occur? What sort of changes were they? Were they for better or for worse? What do the changes express about the composer’s changed psyche, or the psyche of the population he/she represents? What does this stylistic change say about human nature?

  • Thanks for your input. You're right; the topic was a bit narrowed down to my own area of study. I revised it to be far more general... I hope this is more useful! – laurakej 7 years ago
  • Perhaps this can be relevant throughout time. Beethoven composed music even after going deaf, and his music could reflect his struggles with deafness. Many composers also struggled with their sexual identities or other personal issues, besides major events. I hope the writer considers personal struggles on top of major historical events also. Any number of events can inspire any kind of art, and with it emotional value in music. – James Smith 7 years ago

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