Price Increases with Online and Music Streaming Services

The topic of price increasing with online streaming is becoming a huge thing in this current generation. Even with music services you have costly wages being paid by plenty of consumers. The most recent increase was with Netflix, it’s now going to be 9.99 a month, compared to when it first started it was $7.99; granted, for people who have been with Netflix for a while they will pay $8.99 or $7.99 (depending how long you’ve been a consumer) for a year before the increase affects you; but, really Netflix? I get it, I mean things are expensive, but $9.99 for an online streaming service? Of course most people will pay it, but think about this as well–Spotify is $9.99 (if you are a student it is only 5$), Tidal (if you use that) is $19.99, Apple music is $9.99, Hulu Plus is only $7.99 (still) but with ads, Amazon streaming is nearly 79$ per month because of Amazon prime or you pay for episodes/seasons separately. What I am getting at here is I get the increase, but wouldn’t you think to lower the price so more people would sign up? Or is Netflix simply doing a really good ploy because they know consumers will pay for it no matter what? I’m considering not paying for it, all those prices add up and at the end of the day, and 10$ for 12 months is pretty steep when you really look at it; especially, if you have parents paying for it, or you let your friends use it as well. It’s coming to the point where your friends are going to have to pitch in a dollar every month in order to pay for it.

I would like to focus on a match here, I pay for Netflix and Spotify, as well as the increase, really just talking about how much we’re paying and why we pay it. That’s already 20$ for me, 15$ with the student discount on Spotify; which, doesn’t seem like a lot, but for 12 months it adds up significantly. Why do we pay for music services, we used to download music 90MPH and now it’s just download a music streaming service. We used to watch TV shows religiously and now it’s like "wait till it’s on Netflix."

  • I love this topic as I am an avid Netflix frequenter. The casual and humorous way you approach this rant-style article is amusing and fits in with the type of things I like to read online. My only helpful tip would be to revise it slowly and watch for small grammatical things like commas and tenses. Awesome job! – samvanderwalde 7 years ago

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