Princes and Masculinity in Disney

Analyze what idea of masculinity is shown in Disney films where princes are portrayed. What are the negative or toxic ideas of masculinity that are shown and what are some examples that may criticize toxic masculinity.

  • I think disney wants more princesses. They wants girl to feel empowered and portrayed more as heroes and not only men can be heroes too. They want more heroines. They want Girl Power. Disney doesn’t show a lot of masculinity. I feel like the only prince movie that made was Aladdin but he wasn’t a prince. There was a princess who was Princess Jasmine. I think disney shows masculinity as a man being the true love kiss when really its not always about that and they showed that on Frozen. It can be close relationships like sisters loving each others. What if a disney princess was with a girl not a guy. – 2klonewolf 5 years ago
  • Great topic! It's true, Disney has been spending a lot of time on their princesses, and while that is definitely a good thing, there is plenty of room to evolve the princes as well. Where's the artistic prince? The gay prince? A prince CRYING, for goodness' sake? It would be great to include a section at the end on examples of how Disney's portrayal of masculinity could improve. – Heather Lambert 5 years ago

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