Progression of Marvel Female Characters in TV and Film

The art of female characters in film and TV shows and how they have progressed. Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, Peggy Carter.

We first see Peggy Carter in Captain America and now she has her own show Agent Carter, you can focus on the progression of that character from Captain America to who she is now and how she is perceived as well. Black Widow is first seen around in Iron Man, and how she has progressed from Avengers and etc., how they have used the character in their favor and have progressed her towards an awesome or not so awesome female character in the MCU. She may have started off as a character that potentially had growth, but with the recent plots she has had in Age of Ultron, does she have that same potential. Then last but not least, Scarlet Witch. She was first seen in Age of Ultron, which means this character is going to show up next in Civil War. That means she has had the least potential shown in a film in the MCU, this one can be based off what you know as a character — this could possibly derive from the comics as well. I added this one because it would be interesting to see how they have shown her progression just in this one film. Have they showed some potential in her character that can be positive?

  • Seems like Peggy Carter has developed the most as a crossover from movies to TV. I do believe she is the first Marvel female character to successfully crossover with the same actress. Given the success of Agent Carter hopefully the trend will continue. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • I find a lot of people thought Natasha's arc in AOU was stopping her storyline and taking from her being "badass" but I personally thought it made her more complex and realistic. There is nothing wrong with a super agent who has been deprived of life to wish she could have kids, etc. I think it'd be also cool to discuss how people expect certain things from female characters to define them as strong (no feelings, no boyfriends, etc) and how that often makes them just another form of 2D. – noursaleh 7 years ago
  • I think the only reasons Natasha's arc was so hated in AoU is because some women are so sick and tired of the same old story arcs. Like Noursaleh said, it's not completely unreasonable and it isn't strictly misogynistic. That being said, some of the controversy comes from who wrote it. Might you want to include a section of this paper that addresses "Death of the Author"? Either a critique of it or a defense of it? Should things stand on their own, away from the author; Should folks take the creator into account when looking at a text? Would reaction to Romanoff's character been different had it been written by a woman? woman of color? etc.? – sniederhouse 7 years ago
  • This article would now make for a timely read. Analyse the characters of Valkyrie, Captain Marvel, Shuri and Pepper Potts too. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 3 years ago

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