Pros and cons of "Spring Breakers."

"Spring Breakers" was given mixed reviews by audiences. Many thought that it was a work of art– genius, even. Others found it to be lacking in story and actual content. What are your thoughts on the movie? What made it good? What made it bad?

  • If I was to write this topic, then I would focus more on its cons. Spring Breakers comes across as an exploitative action film. Another idea could be to compare/contrast Spring Breakers with Baise Moi, as to which is truly a feminist film. – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • Spring Breakers is an amazing experiment in cinematic explotation. SB is a movie where every trailer made it look like a skin filled party movie. Billed as the movie where Selena Gomez "breaks bad". Instead after getting all these (for lack of a better term) meat-head like people into the theatres the director reveals this film that is nothing like that. The film opens up with a traditional "spreak break pan" showing attractive young people having a good time in mexico repleate with alcohol and nudity and then for the rest of the movie you never go back to that. It's just hanging there never to be addressed again. As far as Selena Gomez goes she plays the religiously Christian girl who fights every step of evil they take AND she's the first one to leave. The most scandalous thing she did in the movie was wear a bikini to my recollection. The movie is violent, there's drugs and sex. But unlike giving the director a blow job to maintain his artistic vision [not porn. title escapes me at the moment] I left spring breakers feeling like there was an artistic and subversive goal behind everything. It's not the movie I was expecting by far. I would have watched it by myself instead of suggesting it with my friends had I known but I thought it was a surprisingly good movie. – wolfkin 7 years ago

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