Re-makes and Re-boots of films:

It seems that Hollywood has run out of many creative ideas, which is why so many re-makes, re-boots and sequels of and to films are coming out nowadays. Re-makes and re-boots of older classic films very seldom, if ever, come out to be very good. In fact, many re-makes of older movies are quite stilted and lack the believability, charm, and

personality of the original film(s). King Kong is an excellent example of that. The two re-makes of King Kong were terrible. Nothing beats the old, original 1933 black and white film of King Kong.

That being said, for all kinds of reasons that would take up too much space and time here, I’m not at all happy about Steven Spielberg’s upcoming re-boot of the 1961 film version of West Side Story, and do not plan to go and see it when it is released into the movie theaters at around Christmastime of 2020.

I saw the trailer of the re-make of the Walt Disney movie of "Dumbo", and was totally unimpressed, since the charm and personality of the original "Dumbo" seems to have been totally taken out of the re-make of "Dumbo".

Fixed The reason I don’t agree with re-making films in general is because they very seldom come as good as the original film, nor does the message come out nearly the same as the original. There is only one given movie, and re-making movies, especially very popular Academy Award-winning classic movies, is an exercise in futility. Re-makes of really great films don’t contain nearly the heart and soul of the original film(s) in question, and all of the above, in a nutshell, is what makes re-makes and re-boots of most films, especially great golden oldie-but-keeper Academy Award-winning films, especially Best Picture, are what make re-makes and re-boots of films far worse than the original.

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