Religion in Video Games

Many video games with their own universes create a religion to follow it. It is tough to create a religion that seems both believable and also seems like something that people would purposely devote themselves to. Lots of these religions (like in Dead Space or Resident Evil 4) are cults but occasionally there are religions that mirror real life faiths to such a degree that they almost seem believable in their own world’s mythos. Religions like the Chantry in Dragon Age or the comicly overdone Epsilon Program of GTA V feel believable in their world because they represent a lot of things that people believe in within that world. I personally don’t know much about religion in the real world so I don’t feel qualified enough to really write about this but it could be an interesting topic to write on.

  • Religion is also a major theme in the Legend of Zelda series and at this point is pretty much accepted by fact as all the characters. It is also constantly evolving and plays a more and more major role with each console game. It would be interesting to compare this to how religions operate in the real world (which is often very static) – Grace Maich 8 years ago
  • Assassin's Creed would be a great example here. – Joseph Manduke IV 8 years ago
  • I know Final Fantasy XIII is not that popular, but the storyline has a lot of against gods and fate. – Jill 8 years ago
  • Final Fantasy ten would be a great case here and specifically looking at Seymour and the conflict with Sin. Organized religion is usually made to be either a main villain, or some type of sub villain. This topic would be fairly broad though. Maybe focus on either spectrum? The representation of religion in video games as evil or good? Maybe ask questions as to why this might be the case. – Xemnas 8 years ago
  • The Order in Silent Hill could be examined too. – Lexzie 8 years ago

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