Rhetoric and Comedy

Analyze how comedy is a legitimate form of rhetoric, as rhetoric is language that is intended to influence people. People that have been seen as successful rhetoricians are people like Martin Luther King jr., Plato, and Obama. These people have been popular in the field of politics, but how does comedy come off as legitimate way to influence emotion and character. Maybe try using TV shows such as The Office or Parks and Recreation.

  • This is an excellent idea but it is slightly broad. Consider distilling this topic by looking at a specific work or text. The author has suggested 'The Office' or 'Parks and Recreation.' That said, however, the author has also preceded that by referring to individuals with political perspectives and agendas. The writer of this prompt should consider looking at comedic works that either have or aim to have any kind of political influence. Many satirical works would be worth examining. – IsidoreIsou 6 years ago

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