Runaways and altering the original

I’m not sure about others, but I was pleasantly surprised by the new TV series, based on the comic series, ‘Runaways’. What I enjoyed was that the show made a strong nod to the comics, including a few throwaway lines and in-jokes, maintained aspects of the narrative that were iconic and important, but ultimately told a new story.

There has been much discussion on this site, and online in general, concerning the act of adapting from comics. I think ‘Runaways’ would be a good one to critic. Now although I enjoyed this immensely, there are also problematic issues in the alteration of the narrative, which deviates hugely from the original. In a similar way that ‘Riverdale’ reinvented itself for TV, ‘Runaways’ presents not quite a reinvention, but a reimagination.

Is this the way to compromise for comic adaptions?

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