Separating Whining from Drama

There’s no doubt that there are some characters in film that complain to much, and do little to change it. Yet, what has been more noticeable for a while now is how audiences, and even some times critics, misunderstand the difference between whining and necessary drama. Without drama or conflict, a character is boring, so the character that resinates with us are the ones with inner struggle they need to conquer. Yet, people say that characters should quit talking about there problems, and to just face them head on. But it becomes confusing when people also say the character should show some sort of weakness, and not just have their chest puffed out all the time. It can be argued that there should be a middle ground between brooding and bravery, but to me, it feels like audiences want to have their cake, and eat it to.

  • make it clearer. I got lost in the middle. – dhaugabr 7 years ago
  • Interesting premise, you may want to delve more into the overall message of the article. Are you discussing articular characters in relation to popular cinema or foreign films? Do you wish to talk about Oscar bait films? – Thomas Munday 7 years ago

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