Sequels: The Deserved Ones

Which movie deserve sequels? How far should some of the more popular franchises go? Where can they go next? Which ones should stop entirely, and why?

  • How would you define a "deserved" sequel? It is a very subjective topic. Maybe looking at films which have a strong fan following rather than simply box office success. – Ryan Errington 7 years ago
  • I think one (major) criterion for a "deserved" sequel is the potential of the story, as opposed to popularity or box office success. Even if a movie is popular and successful, it shouldn't be continued if there is no more scope in the story. – Amena Banu 7 years ago
  • I think this is a great idea for an article. The only thing I would suggest is to maybe choose whether to focus on sequels that do deserve to be continued or those that do not; it might become too unfocused if you try to do both. I would also follow Ryan and Amena's advice on focusing on films that deserve sequels based on critical reception and the potential for a continuing story rather than box-office success (some films such as Dredd probably deserve a sequel but likely will never get one due to flopping at the box-office). – Seth Childers 7 years ago

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