Should Chick Lit Be Taken More Seriously?

The genre of "Chick Lit" is often seen as nothing other than feel good and fluffy. However, can the argument be made where this genre can be seen as anything more? Should it be seen as more? Should those who read this genre feel shame?

Choose a few books that support your position on the topic, and explain why you think it is one way or the other.

  • An important thing an article on this should consider is the term "Chick-Lit" itself, and the negative connotations of that. As far as I am aware, there is no such demeaning term for male-oriented literature (I could be incorrect?). It seems the entire 'genre' is set back by this name alone. If it merely fell under the banner of romance, or romantic comedy, would these books be treated differently? It could be argued, then, that this 'genre' has been dismissed in part due to societal perceptions, rather than any notion of literary merit. – Samantha Leersen 2 years ago
  • I actually really like what you have mentioned about this, and that is something that could be explored to make the argument a little more complex! – RheaRG 2 years ago
  • Although I haven't read this book myself, I have come across Janice Radway's work, Reading the Romance (1984) which, as the title suggests, critically examines romance novels as a subject of serious inquiry. Could be a useful resource! – the.liquid.kid 2 years ago

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