Sound Tracks and Tone

How important is the soundtrack in a film? The selection or creation of soundtracks is big business in the movie industry, but how important really is it? Movie goers today are fairly savvy creatures and understand that particular scores match particular scenes. But what happens to a scene when a contrasting score is played to the expected tone of the scene? Does this change the entire "feeling" of the scene or can it offer a more complex examination of traditional representations of emotion in-situ? What happens when no music is used in an emotionally wrought scene? Or what happens to scenes when music is removed – are the scenes still able to portray the emotional depth of the moment?

  • Sound tracks and scores are incredibly important. Music is a storytelling cue that develops and plays on our emotions and reactions. We have a natural, human response to music, regardless of how savvy we are as viewers. If look at a film like Star wars, which used a orchestra instead a 70s style disco or funk soundtrack, the music sets the tone throughout the film. Similar thinks occur with The Dark Knight, Schindler's List, and more recently Black Panther. – Sean Gadus 4 years ago

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