Speed Grapher: The corruption of society taken to the extreme

One of the main themes in the 2005 anime "Speed Grapher" is the corruption of society, especially of politicians and rich people in general. In fact, here we can even see a secret fetish club where every fantasy can become reality if you have enough money, though the cost may be very high: in case you were no longer able to pay, you would get killed. The meetings take place in an underground area, where by-that-time corrupted people can get the chance to kiss an unconscious girl to obtain some special powers related to their greatest desire. Later, they can use such powers against innocent and honest folks, as in the case of a man who killed women and collected their legs as if they were hunting trophies.
At this point, it is natural to wonder: what if someone like the protagonist, Saiga, kissed the girl, Kagura, by accident, and his/her biggest wish would give rise to a power capable of helping the world become a better place, perhaps less corrupt? In that case, would it be justifiable to exploit Kagura, locking her in a house, and manipulating her memories so as to guarantee the chance to get these special powers? Or would that, too, be the next step towards an even more corrupted society?

  • Your summary sounds more akin to Marquis De Sade than to a morality tale of corruption in the culture. You posit that "we" may wonder but who is the we in this situation? Corruption seems tangential to the narrative. Unless you're going to examine how a character who was presented as moral in the narrative falls from grace as opposed to a decadent secret society where those who have exploit those who don't – Sunni Ago 5 days ago

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