Spoken Word

Spoken word is an art form of expression above all else conveying emotion and learning how to use metaphors to explain bigger meanings than what your own mind can comprehend. Let’s focus our attention on what spoken word poetry is and how it makes us think or come up with conclusions to an idea we never thought would of been possible. How would you interpret the words you hear? What keeps you wanting to hear more of this artist work and how does the impact change your perspective? The spoken word is powerful and has many interpetations but depending on the individual.

  • Spoken word is beautiful, and a great way for one to express his or herself. Remember that it is always great to put yourself out there and share you work with a huge audience. I know it's a big step, but I am more than willing to put my work out there! I hope you are as well! – lasureamir 7 years ago
  • Same! It certainly is a different experience compared to writing and publishing works in print. Performance poetry is so unique in that it creates a bond between performer and listener. It takes guts to perform, and creativity to comprehend. What is more, performance pieces are different from print as you can add new mediums to convey your thoughts (I.e. audio files and music) as well as words. – Megan Finsel 7 years ago

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