Subversive undertones in sci-fi and fantasy film and literature.

Consider how popular T.V shows and films (such as Star Trek, Avatar and "The Wheel of Time" novels – to name a few) critique and engage discourses on politics, socioeconomics, gender and war. Analyze the potential for these genres to disrupt and subvert current ideologies by engaging in counter-cultural discourse. For instance, how does Star Trek’s prime directive critique modern imperialism? How does fantasy and sci-fi genres provide an opportunity to propose counter-cultural thoughts on so called "hot topics?"

  • At first Picard's pontification on the Prime Directive seemed unnecessary. But after Roddenberry's death and with Rick Berman taking over, I realized how important the PD is and I think that the topic could focus solely on this. – Munjeera 7 years ago
  • There are some sci-fi comedies, Guardians of the Galaxy, for example, that often portray a deeply flawed world (one that its storytellers find rich comedic ground in). It would be interesting to write about how these movies don't deal with the deep flaws, only the consequences it creates as an analogy for life in our own deeply flawed world (not to be melodramatic here). – Aaron 7 years ago

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