Suicide Squad: Movie VS. Comic(s)

What was similar and what was different between the Suicide Squad comic and the film? What elements, including characters, from the comic could have made the movie better? What elements from the comic, including characters, would have made the movie worse?

  • This topic could also include the Suicide Squad animated movie. I haven't watched the new movie or read the comics but my love for the animation is what makes me hesitant, since it was so well done. What elements were in both, what was left out? They're both just movies so it's perhaps easier to go into what could and should have been cut to fit an appropriate feature length. – Slaidey 7 years ago
  • The shared the adventurous, defeat a villain and their army aspect, but what the film lacked was a central point. There was no room for character development with such a huge cast and many characters to follow. The film itself should have lastes at least 2.5 hours if not 3 hours. Really hoping the extended edition fixes this problem. – carlospena 7 years ago
  • The comic was way better. They tried to put ever comic into the movie in under 2 hours. – mikka1321 7 years ago

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