Superheroes on Screen: Entertainment or Escapism?

Superman arose in comics in the aftermath of The Great Depression. Captain America was designed to fight Hitler. The X-Men were a brilliant allegory to the Civil Rights Movement. Comic book superheroes were created or rose in prominence when readers saw them fighting their enemies or representing and overcoming their struggles. Although the last 10 years haven’t featured any crises of that scale, superheroes have dominated our media. Has the stigma of comic books simply elapsed and everyone can be a nerd in the mainstream or does the rise of superhero media indicative of a country looking to be distracted?

  • i don't understand this topic. how is entertainment different from escapism? which represents the way that comics can operate as allegorical or literal consideration of big issues? why does the topic's author claim "the last 10 years haven’t featured any crises of that scale"? how about the global financial crisis / the great recession? how is the rising acceptability of comic books/nerd culture opposed to a society "looking to be distracted"? and again, if the two are indeed in opposition, which is "entertainment" and which is "escapism"? it seems the whole topic is premised on a false dichotomy and an irrelevant preamble. – Richard Marcil 5 years ago
  • I would examine the superheroes & see what aspects of society they represent and check to see how they have transformed in pop culture over the years – BMartin43 5 years ago
  • I like the idea you have going. I wouldn't say that the last 10 years haven't featured any crises on that scale though. – Bfitts 5 years ago
  • It's an interesting idea you have going, but I think you should explain your theory more, – shazia 5 years ago

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