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How to analyze works

I would love to see an article detailing how to properly analyze a work for themes, symbols, motifs, and meaning. What is the piece of work trying to say, and how do you effectively look for, discover, understand, and interpret the ideas woven into the piece? This could be anything from a step by step guide to specifically analyzing using certain techniques.

  • I don't see one way of analysis. What I think is being looked for from the point of view of a reader is creative perception. Sometimes you can look at a topic, issue, problem, that others have looked at before, but you bring a different way of seeing, of insight. It's like working on a 1,000 piece puzzle and you suddenly hit a roadblock and where to put a piece, you get up walk around and see the developing puzzle from a new angle, which allows you to see where that piece goes. – Joseph Cernik 4 years ago
  • It might be useful to reorient this topic around the idea of critical analysis maybe? – Zohal99 4 years ago
  • A step by step guide is a good idea. Creative brainstorming might be another idea. – Dena Elerian 3 years ago