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Spoiler alert. Who is truly the guilty party in the French film, "Cache" – Georges or Majid? Does Georges’ response to the harassment warrant a consideration for murder, having pushed back against somebody so pathologically insane and fragile? Or is there a way that he could have gone about this confrontation which could have brought about actual convalescence? Perhaps requesting a shrink for Majid or even speaking directly to Majid about the rooster incident rather than continuing his own pathological vice of lying which is on display through the interactions with his wife. And what of the different father-son, mother-son relationships that we witness (as well as do not witness)? And the implications of Anne’s suspected adultery by her son Pierrot with her friend Pierre? And how does this all tie in with the Papon massacre on an allegorical level (the narrative being less equivocally related); in other words – how does the film present its stance about the massacre and whether there has been any true healing since the massacre occurred?