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The polarizing popularity of the Call of Duty series

Look at reasons why Call of Duty is so popular with many video game players while also pointing out what causes many people to dislike it.

  • This is an excellent topic. It would serve the topic's writer good to look at its sales and its advertising, as well as callbacks in new sequels to the previous games. Another big aspect is the sit-and-go nature of the game - it seems as though the average player can get going with no problem and stop at any time they want. It's a casual game. Also, look at other big FPS series, especially Battlefield. BF is more realistic and in general allows for broader gameplay. How does Call of Duty compare to big series on the market? – John 7 years ago
  • This sounds like it could be fun. I'm a huge Call of Duty nut, but the fact of the matter is I'm about as casual a gamer as it can get. Most of my hardcore gamer buddies tend to spurn Call of Duty on the grounds that it's too easy and never changes, yet that's precisely the reason I like it; it has a real arcade-y feel to it. As John noted, aside from looking at sales and such, I think you or whoever writes this topic should look into why people enjoy it, though it's a pretty laid back game, while others don't, even though it's pretty popular. – August Merz 7 years ago
  • There are conspiracy theories floating around that the US government provides funding for shooter games like this in order to entice players into thinking the realities of war are more palatable. Though this may appear as overzealous, the government has shown interest in the game's production of the Call of Duty series (even the title may reinforce the ideal of subservience to the military): – Paul Osgerby 6 years ago